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Shamit Khemka – A leader and motivator!

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Shamit Khemka – A leader and motivator!

Shamit Khemka is a leader who motivates and inspires his employees as well as other budding entrepreneurs by providing useful tips for success. He is a business strategist who knows what it takes to hit the bull’s eye through unmatched guerrilla marketing techniques.

As a founder and managing director, Shamit Khemka always provides his valuable insight to help the employees think unique & fresh to be able to attain success in their filed of interest by being innovative.

His speeches at seminars, conferences, and events at various organizations and institutions have received much appreciation from the audiences. As a true motivational speaker, Shamit Khemka inspires all the audiences to come out of their shells, accept challenges, and be innovative to attain success in whatever they do.

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Shamit Khemka: Think Different, Think Novel!

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Shamit Khemka-Think out of the box

That’s what you ought to do! As per IT Entrepreneur & Mentor – Shamit Khemka, you have got to think fresh and different in order to be able to come up with truly out of the box ideas.

We often hear people at organizations saying “think out of the box” but do we really understand what it means? Very few of us would say that they do. While it appears quite complicated and tough, it is not as challenging in reality.

The only requisite is that you start thinking logically and creatively towards solving any problem or issue that you might be facing.

There are very simple ways that take you to logical and out of the box thinking such as talking to creative people, spending time in group discussions, brainstorming ideas, and more. Shamit Khemka is a strong supporter and motivator of logical thinkers and out of the box thinkers.

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Shamit Khemka guides employees of SynapseIndia

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With guiding principles of Shamit Khemka, Founder of SynapseIndia, team has re-engineered the business processes in IT outsourcing & management.

Shamit Khemka’s role in SynapseIndia Advisory Board

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Shamit Khemka Managing Director

As a member of SynapseIndia advisory board, Shamit Khemka focuses on technology & business growth and guide teams through a variety of employee communications vehicles.

Also serving as the Founder of the company, Shamit Khemka also identifies and encourages improvement where needed.

The Role of SynapseIndia Advisory Board

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Founded by Shamit Khemka, SynapseIndia has established itself as one of the global leader IT company.

SynapseIndia advisory board team including Founder Shamit Khemka, represents many years of industry and leadership experience. The team plays a key role in our growth strategy, maintaining good culture and the highest standard of services.

Tips for Improving your Management Skills

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SynapseIndia is a main IT outsourcing association established in the year 2000. The corporate branch of this strong association is arranged in Noida. This association tries reference in IT outsourcing division. It is one stop answer for everything IT needs. The administrations region of this association spread the world over. They have a few customers in UK, USA, Australia, Canada and some more. The immense work society of SynapseIndia offers you the opportunity to band together with an assorted system of qualified, specific associates and pioneers why should devoted helping you and in the end our customers succeed.

The overseeing executive and author of this eminent association is Mr. Shamit Khemka. He has 15 years of association in widespread business operations and is a wonderful development master. Mr. Shamit Khemka has sound mastery of Organizational Behavior, Operations Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, International Management, International Economics, Financial & Managerial Accounting and some more.

In his expert vocation, Shamit Khemka has served at distinctive parts; incorporating holding positions in EO’s local and neighborhood sheets. Shamit has profound information in ranges including official administration, venture administration, counseling, business possession, worldwide business relations and so forth.

The item designers at SynapseIndia have great experience and innovative contemplations to offer changed answers for their respected clients. Till now SynapseIndia has dealt with more than three thousands ventures and the numbers are expanding with passing days. Qualified designers at the association utilize their specific slant and inventive ways to deal with oversee go on custom programming, which is precisely made and illustrated by prerequisites. They give top of the line IT answers for all associations.

On the off chance that you will think that it outsourcing associations in Google’s web index, without a doubt you may discover numerous IT outsourcing associations that claim their unrivaled quality administrations with savvy way. In any case, the genuine photo of the administrations of such associations are absolutely reverse as they claim. Then again, SynapseIndia expect complete obligation once they get the ventures from the customers and show full duty till the venture is successfully passed on. The qualified group of SynapseIndia constantly accessible for support and bolster even after effectively conveyed the activities.

On the off chance that you visit the dashboard of SynapseIndia audits, you will see wonderful and great criticism from their customers. SynapseIndia claims quality administrations in the field of IT regions and forcefully satisfy their dedication. Worker at SynapseIndia never gets dissentions from customers for due dates, So, it is one of the trusted offshore programming improvement association, that is successfully dealt with the undertakings of abroad moreover. The all credits to make this affiliation fiery and tried and true goes to the proprietor of this association Mr. Shamit Khemka.

The best approach to accomplishment of Shamit Khemka‘s association is its marvelous work space, better group coordination and viable arranging administration that, they use before wearing down any endeavor. Till now SynapseIndia has completed different activities in diverse areas like site advancement, portable application improvement, custom programming improvement, e-business arrangements and site change. Additionally, Splendid surveys got by SynapseIndia on different online stages like Elance and upwork.

SynapseIndia CEO, Shamit Khemka mark their workers as a key assets of the association. Shamit Khemka constantly keeps moving his representatives to extend their abilities and execution to an additional mile. Normal merry occasions, diversion stuffs & celebration are wanted to keep the soul of representatives helped. As of late SynapseIndia is commended 15 years of its fruitful trip and proceed onward the following venture of accomplishment with new targets and objectives.

Quality administrations is a significant piece of any fruitful business. Right from the earliest starting point of an undertaking to its movement, they totally stick to time bound structures to guarantee that all work is composed in consistence with better process and industry needs. SynapseIndia constantly has a tendency to bring the best of representatives and typically equip them marvelous calling with the best of pay and good circumstances to keep the vitality running. SynapseIndia offers straightforwardness to specialist their execution reviews & it has been the reason of accomplishment for the relationship starting late.