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Shamit Khemka – A leader and motivator!

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Shamit Khemka – A leader and motivator!

Shamit Khemka is a leader who motivates and inspires his employees as well as other budding entrepreneurs by providing useful tips for success. He is a business strategist who knows what it takes to hit the bull’s eye through unmatched guerrilla marketing techniques.

As a founder and managing director, Shamit Khemka always provides his valuable insight to help the employees think unique & fresh to be able to attain success in their filed of interest by being innovative.

His speeches at seminars, conferences, and events at various organizations and institutions have received much appreciation from the audiences. As a true motivational speaker, Shamit Khemka inspires all the audiences to come out of their shells, accept challenges, and be innovative to attain success in whatever they do.

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Shamit Khemka: Think Different, Think Novel!

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Shamit Khemka-Think out of the box

That’s what you ought to do! As per IT Entrepreneur & Mentor – Shamit Khemka, you have got to think fresh and different in order to be able to come up with truly out of the box ideas.

We often hear people at organizations saying “think out of the box” but do we really understand what it means? Very few of us would say that they do. While it appears quite complicated and tough, it is not as challenging in reality.

The only requisite is that you start thinking logically and creatively towards solving any problem or issue that you might be facing.

There are very simple ways that take you to logical and out of the box thinking such as talking to creative people, spending time in group discussions, brainstorming ideas, and more. Shamit Khemka is a strong supporter and motivator of logical thinkers and out of the box thinkers.

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Shamit Khemka as a Smart Worker

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Shamit Khemka believes that smart work leads to success in daily life.

He says, “Work smart and passionately and you will be able to present your best self to the world.” Shamit Khemka promotes smart work at his organization (SynapseIndia) and has automated every process at the workplace to streamline and systematically organize the data flow.

This also saves a lot of time as employees do not have to maintain any manual reports.

Lastly, he believes that in order to become a successful entrepreneur, it is very important to work smartly as it leads to higher productivity and increased ROI.

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Knowledge is not only a public good, but a regional or international public good

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“To have a good management tomorrow, you should have better knowledge today”.

Your success is based on 3 factors: knowledge, skills and ability.

To be able, you should have skills.

To be skillful, you should have knowledge.

So knowledge plays a vital role in success.


Shamit Khemka’s CSR contribution towards society

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Shamit Khemka, Founder and Director of SynapseIndia, actively participates in various CSR activities. He supports the International Chandramauli Charitable Trust in Varanasi in order to uplift and better the living and education standards of needy children in society. He also understands the significance of Yoga and promotes Yoga values in society.

Shamit Khemka views on Start Up action plan

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shamit khemka dna india

Shamit Khemka comments on the start-up action plan. He states that the industry is desperately looking forward to the launch of the Startup India Campaign. Read more at:

Shamit Khemka mentors SynapseIndia and aspires today’s youth

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shamit khemka synapsewebsolutions

Deeply overwhelmed by the appreciation of legendary personality Lt. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Mr. Shamit Khemka has continued to mentor, guide and support not only the organisation but also the budding skills of today’s youth.

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