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Shamit Khemka distributed awards at RIE EO Event

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SynapseIndia Founder Shamit Khemka, who has also served as the Regional director, EO South Asia (2014- 2016), addressed the audience at a recent EO RIE event. He also gave out the EO superstar award for inspirational leadership to the Gujarat EO president for their valuable contribution.

Shamit Khemka has been associated with local as well as regional boards of EOnetwork.org in different roles since 2007.

Vivek Verma, president of EO Punjab, Jai Dhar Gupta and Vikram Hada, were appreciated for making EO South Asia a success.

EO Rockstar awards were given to EO Gujarat, EO Jaipur, EO Kolkata, EO Punjab & EO Nepal.


Shamit Khemka standing ovation at RIE EO Event in Taj New Delhi

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During EO RIE event – Zinda Dilli 2016, Shamit Khemka received standing ovation for his inspiring leadership & his contributions to the Entrepreneurs Organization, EO (www.eonetwork.org).

Shamit khemka has served as the regional director 2014-16 for Entrepreneurs’ Organization, South Asia 2014-16. Chiranjeev Patel said, “Under the leadership of Shamit, the region has achieved new heights that it had never reached, making EO South Asia the best region for EO Globally”.

Shamit Khemka at RIE EO 2016 event in Taj New Delhi

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Shamit Khemka addressed the attendees at an EO event, RIE – Zinda Dilli 2016 . RIE was the first such regional event ever in EO.

Shamit said, “We have had a fabulous year in South Asia, from a successful EO spark to this fabulous vibrant EO RIE 2016. The chapters have been creating new products with MYEO. The leaders in the regional council have been innovating and making a mark.”

He also talked about the new EO chapters – EO Gurgaon & EO Bangladesh (dhakka). Shamit said the year has been fantastic in terms of strategic alliances and recognized the partners such as British Airways. He thanked regional council, professional staff & global board for their support to the EO South Asia Region.