Synapseindia Recruitment

SynapseIndia, eminent web and mobile application development company in India, is on look out for exceptionally talented professionals to join their team. At SynapseIndia, you get an opportunity to work with smart, inspiring professionals on challenging projects in an dynamic work environment.

SynapseIndia has established itself as one of the most reliable and trusted IT partners for businesses all across the world. Till date, SynapseIndia has delivered more than 3500 full time IT projects to the clients in more than 30 countries.

SynapseIndia provide employees with an environment where teamwork is more than just a goal. Employees are provided with endless opportunities for learnings & growth. If you are interested in being a part of highly respected IT company in India, get in touch with SynapseIndia recruitment team. Our career development opportunities, vision and values are unique.

Our approach is simple – we pick talented, self-motivated professionals and let them do their jobs. Our recruitment process is robust and reliable in nature in which a candidate is judged on various factors. We look for passion, creative and leadership abilities along with knowledge & expertise in core skills of people. Contracting the right people and taking them on-board is crucial for business success and SynapseIndia recruitment team helps us in hiring the best talents.

We know well what it takes for an individual to work in IT. Being a highly employee friendly company, SynapseIndia is committed to providing its employees with an enriching and rewarding career. We also ensure the learnings and growth of our team members and provide them with endless career opportunities. Employees are always encouraged to focus on innovation and delivering superior quality through their work. We provide trainings for personal as well as professional development of our people.

Currents openings with us are in various technical & digital marketing profiles. We are looking for professionals for open positions in departments including web design, web development, mobile application development, online marketing and brand management.

Are you looking for an exciting career opportunity? Do you thrive in a dynamic workplace environment? Then SynapseIndia is the place for you. Here’s the time to discover what it’s like to work at SynapseIndia, get in touch with SynapseIndia recruitment team and apply for a job today. You can also drop a mail to our recruitment team and If you meet the requirements for the role, our recruitment team will contact you by phone or email.