Synapseindia Celebrations

SynapseIndia celebrations provide a great opportunity to reflect on why it is important for team members to celebrate with each other. There are number of benefits that celebration culture brings to an organisation. Workplace celebrations do not only foster relationship building amongst employees, but also improve the employee morale, enhance retention, and encourage employees to deliver great work.

Celebrations are certainly a great way to improve your workplace. Employees at SynapseIndia believes in celebrations and do not miss even a single opportunity to celebrate. Whether it be the monthly awards ceremony or company’s foundation day, employees always looks forward to celebrate.

At 16 years old IT company, celebrations have become a key part of its organisational culture. The benefits of these celebrations at workplace goes past the fun of the occasion itself. According to various surveys celebrations at workplace keep employees happy and motivated and thus enhance the retention. Celebrations also make the employees more productive as your employees genuinely enjoy being in workplace.

SynapseIndia celebrations take place on various festival occasions as well including Diwali, Holi, Independence day, republic day, Xmas, New Year, Lohri and many more. At SynapseIndia, celebrations create high-energy environments. Employees also participate in celebrations with full enthusiasm and make the moments memorable for long time.

Celebrating Achievements at Workplace:

Celebrating achievement at workplace is a crucial part of building and maintaining an effective work environment and motivated teams.

There can be number of different ways to celebrate individual or team achievement. When employees are recognized and appreciated for their contributions they feel more valued. Recognising employees for their efforts also make them loyal to your organisations. SynapseIndia held an event at the end of every month to recognise top performing employees. Company also provides “Employee of the Month” award to one team member from each departments.

Types of SynapseIndia Celebrations:

Whether it’s an employee’s birthday, or anniversary or meeting team goals, SynapseIndia employees always look forward to celebrate each occasion. Various festive occasions are also organized at office where employees get together and enjoy some memorable moments together. Some major festive occasions that are celebrated at SynapseIndia include New Year, X-Mas, Holi, Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Diwali, Eid and more. Also independence day & republic day celebrations are amongst the most awaited occasions.

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