Shamit Khemka- A Serial Entrepreneur

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Shamit Khemka is the serial entrepreneur who has established several businesses over the years. As the Founder & Director of SynapseIndia, he also guides other companies with his expert business management and entrepreneurship skills and assists in maintaining the business flow. Read more at:


Shamit Khemka guides employees at SynapseIndia

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With the leading management skills of Shamit Khemka, SynapseIndia is growing ahead with its highly skilled professional of software, web, and app development Industry.

It is the expert guidance of Shamit Khemka which has made this company as one of the most sought after IT outsourcing destinations in India.

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Shamit Khemka: A firm believer of Yoga

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Shamit Khemka, the founder of SynapseIndia is a firm believer of Yoga. He is expanding his passion by supporting Yoga Mission Charity that promotes Yoga among the underprivileged children in India. Read more at:

Shamit Khemka’s leadership & Business skills

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Under the expert leadership of Shamit Khemka, SynapseIndia is rendering the quality service over the years.

It is the guidance and business management skill of Shamit Khemka that this company has become one of the topmost IT outsourcing hub based in India.


Shamit Khemka: A renowned entrepreneur

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A renowned entrepreneur by nature, Shamit Khemka (Founder & Director of SynapseIndia) has the extraordinary business skills. He has been recognized as the serial entrepreneur and actively managing the worldwide outsourcing needs pertaining to IT industry.

Shamit Khemka supports Start up India action plan

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Expressing his interest and lending full support to the startup policies, the Founder & Director of SynapseIndia, Mr. Shamit Khemka marked this step as a milestone for growing India.

Shamit Khemka as a Leader & Motivator

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The continuous grand success of SynapseIndia in the IT Outsourcing domain, & FoodCloud in the online food business, has a lot to say about the leadership quality & firm determination of Shamit Khemka.