Month: October 2016

Another achievement of Shamit Khemka

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Co-founded by Shamit Khemka, FoodCloud has been inducted into the “Start Up India Programme” by the Government of India and the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Shamit Khemka, who is also the founder and Founder of IT company SynapseIndia, has applauded the Government’s interest in startups.

Being an innovative, technology based startup FoodCloud has managed to get successfully inducted with Startup India program. FoodCloud helps people experience a variety of authentic, homemade food within the comfort of their own homes and to give home chefs a platform to shine. Also, the online portal is also meant to help housewives & people having logistic issues.

Startup India, an initiative by Government of India to build Startups and nurture innovation, aims to boost entrepreneurship, economic growth and employment across India.

He is an active philanthropist who is always on the outlook to engage in social causes. Till today he has supported many trusts & charities including the Varanasi based “International Chandramauli Charitable Trust’ & ‘YogaMission’. Shamit was intrigued by the unique vision of Lucy guest, the lady behind Chandramauli trust in Varanasi, to make free education available for underprivileged children and turn them into scholars by fostering traditional Indian values within them.


We have a strong emphasis on work-life balance

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Shamit Khemka

We have a strong emphasis on work-life balance, coupled with friendly and supportive working environment which leads to employee retention and success.

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We create a culture focused on innovation

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Shamit Khemka

It’s innovation that sets successful businesses apart, gives them a competitive advantage. We create a culture focused on innovation and take a deliberate approach to fostering creativity at all levels of the organization.

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